Iridient X Transformer


Adobe Lightroom and Fuji RAF files are not always the best combination due to the X-Trans pattern in most of the Fuji cameras. Sometime you see a lack of sharpness or even worse, worms or "watercolor" artifacts. Adobe improved the RAF converting a little bit over the years, but it is still not perfect some are happy, some not. Other Raw converter are much better in this case. But when you don't want to change your workflow, you might be looking for a solution for LR. And here it is, the Iridient X Transformer IXT, a stand alone app or LR plugin, that will tranform the RAF files into a DNG file with the famous Iridient demosaicing process.  Is it working even in the beta version? Yes, stable and very good.

I use the app as a LR plugin so you can select the file in LR, and do the preprocessing in IXT and then the final steps again in LR. I have changed the default settings for the sharpening in IXT to low or to none. That is more than you need in my eyes.

The good thing with IXT is that you get directly better details and sharpness with the same settings and with less fiddling. On the left you can see the IXT result, on the right the pure LR result in 100% view. The settings for the sharpening are exactly the same to have a fair comparison

Ponte Sant'Angelo

With the LR sharpening you get sometimes wired artivacts, most of them are only visible in 100% view, but when you know they are there ....

For example in this subway shot at Canary Wharf in London. The fine metal lines are with the IXT process much cleaner, nearly as clean as they are in reality and not so pixeled like in the LR version. Left the IXT version, right the LR version. Maybe it is pixel peeping but I like the small improvement a lot.

Also trees and leases and foliage are getting a good or better sharpness and without the watercolor effect that you can see sometimes.

From my point of view I have to say thanks to Brian the developer of IXT, well done, good job and I will test and use it more, for sure.

  • Timothy Linn

    on January 25, 2017

    In the first sets of examples you indicate that the IXT are on the left with LR on the right. In the final examples you don't indicate either way but it appears the IXT examples are now on the right. This makes things a little confusing. Otherwise, great comparison.

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