the best backpack part 2


After testing the Evoc Photop 16l for my specific needs I tested two other camera backpacks. The Photop 16l failed due to the small camera compartment. One tested backpack is the bigger brother, or sister, of the Photop 16l, the Evoc Photop 22l, and the other one is the Lowe Pro Photo Sport BP 200 AM II. Both backpacks are designed for mountainbiking and other outdoor activities. So which one is the right one? First the Photo Sport. The size is right, here the Fujifilm X-T2 with the XF 16-55 mm fits perfectly in. So in that case it is better than the Photop 16l. And is has enough space for a rain jacket and other stuff. In theory the right camera backpack. But, now comes the big but, it does not feel right in two ways, first the Evoc Photop 16l feels better on my back, and secondly, the Photo Sport is to soft. The whole backpack is made out of very thin and soft material and the camera compartment is not very stable. Or let's say, it does not feel very stable, it might is but I don't want to test it with my own camera, but I just have the feeling that my camera is just not safe in the Photo Sport BP 200. So I tested the last one, the Evoc Photop 22l, which is larger than the 16l, but has more or less the same features.  For the whole list of features please have a look here. For me was important to ge the camera with one or two lense in and my rain jacket, fleece jacket and other stuff you take with you for a day outside. The Photop 22l seems to be the right camera backpack for that. The camera compartment is larger than expected or needed but that is fine. So my camera fits in, there is still enough space, the water bladder will fit in, and is feels solid. When I'm biking with the camera I would have a better feeling with the Photop 22l than with the Photo Sport BP 200. So the Photop 22L seems to be the right camera backpack for me and my camera. Over the weekend I will check how does it feel on the back in rough conditions.

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