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The headline is more a question, so it is more, what is the best camera backpack? The best backpack in case of what? There is no "the best" in general. So what are my needs, what am I looking for? I need a backpack for my camera gear for mountainbiking, hiking and general outdoor use but only for one day trips, not more. I used the Dakine Sequence or the Burton Zoom over the last years. The Sequence is a great backpack and really very longlasting still in a mint condition after a lot of traveling.

But when I do a daytrip, the Sequence is not the right one. Why? You can put all the camera gear into the backpack, and you can put a lot of gear into it, but nothing else, not rain jacket, no water bladder, so my focus is on a smaller camera compartment and a larger space for jackets and other stuff. And in general in should be small. Smaller like the wonderful fstop gear.

So I tested the Photop 16l. A brand new backback made by the german company Evoc. It is a nice backpack, and fits perfectly on my back, the design is quite nice and would be right for my fit ..... if my camera would fit into it.

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On the photo you can see the camera compartment. One negative point here is the way this is fixed in the backpack. Evoc use only one velcro fastener. In my eyes that is not enough to hold the camera unit in place. But the most importan thing is, my camera won't fit into it. I tested a fuji x-t2 with the XF 16-55 mm lense, a nice outdoor combination. I need to be a tiny little bit larger but so it is not the perfect way to carry the camera. If it would be a little bit larger it would be just right to put the X-T2 the zoomlense a one or two primelenses into it. I don't need more on one day hiking or biking. So the Photop 16l is not usable for me. I'm sorry cause this would be a nice fit for my needs. I like the way to open the backpack. You can put a lot of stuff like jackets into it. But to small is to small.

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