Travelling with the speedmaster


This post is about travelling to Trondheim in Norway with the Mitakon Speedmaster Dark Knight 50 mm .95. People who don't like a shallow depth of field should stop reading here, cause this is all about the f-stop 0.95! I don't carry this heavy beast with me to work with something else than wide open. I will tell you how the Dark Knight is performing in the the real life and not under test conditions. For that I took the Dark Knigh with me to Trondheim. I was not lucky with the weather, but at this time of the year, you can't expect sunny spring weather in Norway. 

Is the Speedmaster a disaster area or is it a pretty useful lense? So how is it performing in bad light or in the dark with the Sony A7? How is it with the fokussing under street conditions with f-stop 0.95? How are the colors of this lense?

I used for these photos always the magnifier function in the Sony, that is the way of focussing I trust the most. And it is really giving great results. And that shot by shot in round about 95% of all situations. If you have a target with very low contrast then it is tricky sometimes.

And the whole process of taking pictures is a little bit different with the Speedmaster than with regular af lenses? Why? You have to work more accurate with this limited DOF to really nail the focus, it slows you down. Not a bad way theses days. 


Why is f-stop .95 so important for me? Pretty easy, I like photos with this shallow depth of field. Even when the bokeh is somethimes no so super creamy. But you see this effect with the Leica noctilux too. The Toyota truck is showing one way the speedmaster can draw a picture, it is creating some kind of 3D effect. Another way is to differentiate between the important part of the photo and the not so important background.

The bike is one example to show that you can focus even under difficult conditions. 

With the loupe it is quite easy to nail the focus through the fence. An af lense it not working under this circumstances. You would not focus 100% on the bike instead of the fence. 1 point for the manual Speedmaster. 

The Speedmaster is rendering the lights in the dark pretty good without any flaws. 

The light has been pretty bad during my time in Trondheim, it was very dusky and sometimes rainy or snowy. But with a little bit postprocessing you could get also under these conditions very nice colors with the combination of Sony A7 and the Speedmaster. 


Finaly I have to say that the Speedmaster is working better than expected. It is realy a perfect tool for bokeh lovers and for photos with a very shallow depth of field.

I realy like the photos taken with the mitakon and I like the way of shooting with it. It is a good alternative for the FE 55mm. Both are delivering great results. But the speedmaster is special due to the f-stop of .95. 

And even with this shallow DOF it is possible to nail the focus spot on. Much better than I expected. 

I'm really looking forward to have a sunny day with the speedmaster. So coming back to the question from the beginning, the Speedmaster is clearly no desaster area.

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