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The weather is getting better and better here, so I have more results and experience from the Mitakon Speedmaster that might be interesting for someone. In this post, I would like to make a comparisson, not a real pixelpeeping comparisson but a closer look how good is the Speedmaster permforming against ......  the Sony FE 55mm. The Sony FE 55 has been tested by DxO as the best AF lense so far. So it is a strong enemy for the Mitakon Speedmaster. For those who don't know the Speedmaster, it is the super fast primelense with F 0.95 for the Sony FE-mount. The first pictures you can see here are shot at F2.0 to get a fair level for the comparisson. On the left you can see the Sony shot, on the right you can see the Mitakon shot. I used for both shot the auto white balance. What is the difference, yes the colors are complete different. The Sony colors are very cold, the Mitakon colors are more warm and yellowish. Which is the best? More realistic are for sure the Sony colors, but in this example my fav is the Mitakon shot with the warmer colors. 

I said in my last review already that the sharpness is not so important for me, it is more the rendering, bit I want to see the difference in sharpness in the regular use. I'm not the tripod user, that means a test where I use a heavy tripod is not helping me anything. I want to see the results in a more point and shot way. For AF, setting the AF-point at the right spot point and shot. For the MF way, setting the focus window at the right spot, activating the magnifier option, f

Jut keep in mind, the FE 55 mm is one of the best lensesand the best tested AF lense on DxO, and there is not visible advantage to the Mitakon Speedmaster in my way of shooting. With a tripod you might get better results on both lenses.

I have more pictures for the comparisson:

Again on the left I have the sony picture and on the right I have the Mitakon picture. What do we see here? First the colors, again. I like the red out the Mitakon lense more than the red of the Sony lense. On the other hand there is quite some distortion in the mitakon lense, there is no distortion in the Sony FE 55. I could use the lense profile in Lightroom to see if there is a improvement.

Both shots are at F5.6 and again, there is no difference in case of sharpness:

Beside the distortion the Mitakon Speedmaster is a really good lense.

  • XNphotos

    on May 5, 2015

    thanks for the comparisons!

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