Edinburgh with the Sony FE 28 mm F/2


I love to travel and I love to travel smart and light, so I don't need a huge DSLR with lots of lenses from fish eye to 600 mm lense in my bag. That was my reason for the switch to a mirrorless camera. Untill now I used to travel with the the FE 35 mm and/or the FE 55 mm on my A7 classic, a light setup with a superb IQ. Now I got hands on the 28 mm and used it as my only setup for my time in Scotland. In August is fringe time in Edinburgh, fringe is the edinburgh festival, a festival with lots of people and freaks.  Was it enough to have one lense only, yes, for sure. The FE 28 mm F/2 is a very nice lense, you get a lot of quality for the money and for the actual price it is a no-brainer.

Yes without the lense correction the distortion is quite heavy, but with the correction the results are really nice. I'm not the biggest pixelpeeper on earth and I don't really use lenses stopped down, so I only care about the perfmance wide open. And the FE 28 mm F/2 is wide open already sharp, sharp enough to print is large. The autofocus is very reliable and for my way of taking focus fast enough.

First I met William Wallace, we had a discussion, about what? No clue, I couldn't understand a singel word. But could get a shot before I got the hit. F/2.2 Nice sharpness, nice colors, and smooth bokeh. What do I want more? Nothing so far. 

william wallace
Untitled photo

The bagpiper does look more friendly. But he didn't want to help me with the underwear and kilt question. I got the answer from somebody else:

Untitled photo

The next one holds a world record with 9500 piercings, I couldn't count them all ... or didn't want to.

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Zeiss 3D pop without Zeiss?

pale face

Some nice and relaxed reggae and dub music with Reuben Stone. If you don't know find him on facebook. Great man, huge talent.

Untitled photo

The lense is a good one, for that money a no-brainer. I'm quite happy with the results. There is not one single point to complain. I don't know what will happen with my FE 35 mm F/2.8. Also a nice one but at the moment I have the feeling that the 28 mm will be my travel companion. It is giving nice results for travel and documentary photography, and I like the wide angle portraits, you have to come pretty close and that is a special situation. Alternatives for me would be the Leica Q, but I doubt that I could see a difference in my pictures. So I have better ideas to invest the difference in price.

For sure I would like to have something like the Leica 24 mm f/1.4, in the size of the 28 mm, with auto focus and below 1000 euro. But until Harry Potter has time to fulfill my wish I will have plenty of fun with the 28 mm F/2.

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