Polaroid with Alien Skin Exposure 6

The one point I really love about Alien Skin Exposure is the Polaroid filter. Even the earlier versions created always great colors with Polaroid styles and in this case. Below you can see one example what you can get with selecting the right preset. Left original RAW look, to the right the exposure look with a one click result. 

Half Dome
Half Dome

You can select between Polaroid and Fuji settings, the Fujis will give you a very realistic look, the polaroid will give you a very nice vintage look.  If you like vintage style and shooting wide open, than this might be a good way to go. The grain and the blur what comes per default in the Exposure settings are fitting nicely in that style. I was and still am a fan of the SX 70, so I also like the SX70 from ASE. You can also select between different blends that gives you different colors. A few examples for the SX70, left original right exposure 6 SX70:

For the last example I used the Polachrome settings. As you can see, you can use the filtes to emphasize a certain style or color. So in my eyes the Polaroid style that you can create with Alien Skin Exposrue 6 is top notch and the bokeh feature is underlining the vintage style, if you want. In that situation is ASE better than VSCO!

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