Exposure 6 vs. VSCO 5 Black and White

The second comparison between VSCO 5 and Exposure 6 is about Black and For that I will use the Tri-X 400 setup and want to find out, which gives me the best result by one click.

On the left you find the Exposure 6 result on the right VSCO. Both are giving by one click a nice black and white picture, nothing to complain. The VSCO Tri-X setting is a little bit brighter in the mid tones and might have less contrast. But no clear winner here.

As a refference you can see here how the same picture looks like in Silver Effex Pro 2:

Silver Effex Pro is giving a little bit more contrast. But more or less all three are giving a decent result, no clear winner. I mentioned in the last part of the comparison that Exposure is using blur to create a film look in color, so I will compare the threee results in the 100% view too. On the left, you can see the Exposure result, in the middle the Silver Effex Pro and on the right the VSCO result.

Also in black and white, Exposure is working with blur, same as Silver effex. VSCO is not reducing the sharpness of the picture. You can set the blur to 0 in the settings for Exposure, no problem, but you should know, that it is effecting the resolution in the base settings. 

Finally I have to say, that both Exposure and VSCO are giving great black and white results, same as Silver effex pro. And you can use all plugins to create create pictures. It is really up to you which results you like most.

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