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This is about the different possibilities to emulate a analog film with software plugins.

I have this night shot, and the question is, what is the best software to make it look a little bit more film like.

Untitled photo

I shot this photo with the nokton 50 mm at f2 at night in Paris.  I can compare the results from three different plugins or stand alone software. First is the Alien Skin Exposure. It is a nice and easy to use program, and I like the polaroid colors. Secondly I have google's Nik color Efex pro 4 and last but not least the DxO film pack 4.

I used for all three Kodak's Potra 160 VC, due to the good color contrast of that film.

First results is from the Alien Skin Exposure. It is the only stand alone program in my test. You can see that the major difference is in the contrast. The darker part are now nearly black.

Untitled photo

Secondly, this is the results from the color Efex pro 4:

Untitled photo

You can see a difference to the first result. The dark parts are not as black anymore, but the skin color is pretty yellowish not. Does not look so nice. I'm sure you could fix this, but wanted to compare the basic settings.

Last result is by the DxO film pack 4:

Untitled photo

In that case, I like the DxO result best. The Alien Skin Exposure is on the second and the last one is the Nik photo.

I will test more pictures soon.

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